• Tuesday, December 15, 2020


This mostly serves as a notice, specifically to those that are paying using credit/debit cards for their service.

Starting from the 3rd of January 3DSecure will be enforced on all payments, the precise approach on how this works depends a little on your bank, most are pincode verification to the mobilephone that are linked to the card - Now this is going to hurt some clients in a negative way as not all cards support 3DS, we do however feel that we have to go this route as we have seen a quite large increase in fradulent payments using stolen credit/debit cards, and as of right now 3DSecure seems to be the best way to get "rid" of this behaviour, getting rid of this isnt just in our favor but also for you as a client.

Now if you are currently rocking a card that do not allow for 3DS payments (Your issuer will confirm whether or not it does), then im afraid you cannot pay directly with it for your service in the future, that said we do still support a large range of gateways and potentially one of them suits you, if you are completely lost then do reach out and we will do our best to help you out.

Best regards