• Thursday, November 25, 2021

Black Friday is upon us!

This year we have not one, but two offerings for you all to celebrate Black Friday 2021!

black2021 - This code will unlock a recurring 20% discount on your service, pick a shared service and get 20% off for life (Code not valid for yearly cycles)!
blackapp - This code will allow a 50% recurring discount on our new application service, it provides access to high tier servers built on AMD EPYC CPU's, with support 21 applications out of the box (PLEX included) - Visit our website on this link to see the overview: https://seedbox.io/shared-app-box/

Over the next few days we will also be doing limited stock promotions and giveaways on our discord server, should you wish to be a part of this and get the chance to win prices, then join our discord server using this link: https://discord.gg/wv67teS

Website with offerings: https://seedbox.io

*The promo codes cannot be applied to existing products.
*Please note that the offerings are valid until the 28th of November and only while we have stock available.

Best regards

team seedbox.io