In the email you will be presented with a few links, one of the main links is the one for your own webui, the webui will contain links to all of your installed applications, it will also show details about how much space you have used, how much data you have used and details on how much bandwidth is left for your current billing cycle.

At the current time we do not support "one click installers", this means you will have to connect to the server using SSH in order for you to install additional applications - If you are on linux the process is straight forward.

  1. Open a terminal
  2. Type: ssh <username>@<server-hostname> - This can be ssh
  3. On the first connect you will get a prompt to store the servers key, please accept this by typing yes
  4. Enter your password - Once done you are in!

If you are on Windows, you will need to install an SSH client like Putty, you can grab there by clicking HERE - Once you have installed it, you open it up and from there it is pretty intuitive as you simply use the hostname from the email we sent you, and click open, putty will also here ask you to accept the servers keys, click yes and you will be prompted for your username/password.

When you are logged in, the application you want to use is called: box

box is a program developed specifically for the app range by our developer (Thanks!) - It has the following capabilities:

  • help
  • list
  • install/remove
  • chpasswd
  • service management
  • bw

Each of the above has a specific function, we will outline them below here.

The function of help is basic: provide you usage details on how to use box and the commands available to you
Syntax: box help
This function lists the applications currently available for installation and a quick description of the application.

Syntax: box list
install / remove
The commands used to install and remove applications from the server.

Syntax: box install sonarr
Use this command when you'd like to change your password. chpasswd will change the password for SSH, FTP, HTTP and torrent clients.

Syntax: box chpasswd
You can get a picture of your current bandwidth usage for the month with this command.

Syntax: box bw
Service Management
You can manipulate service status with start/stop/restart. 

Start - Will start the application if it is stopped
Stop - Will stop the application if it is running
Restart - Will restart the application

Example: box restart rtorrent


We would also like to point out that more guides are being worked on, specifically guides for the individual applications where we will dive deeper into configuration options, usage etc, stay tuned for those!

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