How to: Reinstall Leaseweb Server

This tutorial will cover how to do a reinstall of the Operating System for a Leaseweb Server.

NOTE: If you require the Swizzin suite, reach out to Support via a Ticket.

1. Reinstall server

Navigate to your customer portal and click on the Leaseweb service you wish to Reinstall and then click on the Reinstall OS link on the left:

You will then be asked to acknowledge that you understand all data will be wiped from the server, click Got It:

3. Selecting OS, RAID and Partitions

On this page you will be asked to specify the Operating System you want to install and the RAID level for example.

  1. Select the Operating System you want to use.
  2. Specify a Root user Password, this can be left blank as well and the installer will autogenerate one for you.
  3. You can paste an SSH key here which will be used for root user. Can be left blank.
  4. Specify a hostname. Can be left blank.
  5. Specify the Timezone. You are not required to change this.
  6. If you have a script that needs to be ran after install, typically left blank.
  7. Select Software RAID if you wish to use RAID.
  8. Select the RAID level. RAID0 is the fastest but offers no redundancy, pick the one you want.
  9. If left blank, it will use all drives for the RAID level chosen. If you have a server with for example 4x 8TB drives, you can have 2 of them in RAID1 and two in RAID0 by specifying 2 disks here and then setting up the 2 remaining drives in the OS.

At the bottom of the page you will see:

If you have a requirement for specifying the partitions, you can do this here. If you leave this blank, it will use the default partitions which are:

/boot ext2 1024MB

swap 4096MB

/tmp ext4 4096MB

/ ext4 all remaining disk space


Lastly just click Launch OS installation and wait for a few seconds for a green banner to appear at the top. The reinstall process will take around 30-60 minutes. After this has finished, you will receive an email and if you did not specify a root password in the installer, the root password can be found under Credentials and OPERATING_SYSTEM.

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